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B&A performs numerous field and laboratory tests in accordance with ASTM standards: 

  • Cylinder preparation (ASTM C31).
  • Cure and determine compressive strength of concrete cylinders (ASTM C39).
  • Soundness of aggregates by use of magnesium sulfate (ASTM C88).
  • Slump (ASTM C143).
  • Unit weight (ASTM C138)
  • Sampling (ASTM C172).
  • Air content (ASTM C173/C231).
  • Grain size analysis with U.S. standard sieve sizes and hydrometer (ASTM D421/D422).
  • Cure and determine compressive strength of grout cubes (ASTM C1019).
  • Temperature (ASTM C1064).
  • Moisture-density relations of soils and soil-aggregate mixtures (ASTM D698/ D1557).
  • Specific gravity of soils (ASTM D854/ C127).
  • Extraction of thin walled tube samples (ASTM D1587).
  • California bearing ratio (ASTM D1883).
  • Compressive strength unconfined of cohesive soil (ASTM D2166).
  • Water content of soil, rock and soil-aggregate mixtures (ASTM D2216).
  • One dimensional consolidation test  (ASTM D2435).
  • Classification of soil for engineering purposes (ASTM D2487).
  • Density of soil and soil-aggregate in place by nuclear method (ASTM D2922).
  • Moisture, ash and organic matter of peat and other organic soils (ASTM D2974).
  • Natural dry density of thin-walled tube samples (ASTM D2976).
  • Moisture content of soil and soil-aggregate in place by nuclear method (ASTM D3017).
  • Expansion index of soils (ASTM D4829).
  • pH of soil for use in corrosion testing (ASTM G51).
  • Electrical resistivity (ASTM G57).
  • Leachable total sulfate and chloride content (EPA 375.4).



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