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B&A Laboratory

Located at 12340 Main Street in Akron, NY, the B&A laboratory is home base for our technicians. The lab is where we will test your materials and generate your reports. 

“When you need your consultant ON-TIME and ON-SITE – We’re There”

B&A is composed of engineers, geologists, hydro-geologists, scientists and technical staff experienced in subsurface studies, project management, environmental regulations, permitting and material testing.

To compliment the senior staff, staff level geologists and technicians are available to undertake material characterization and site inspection services.

In 2004, a separate facility was constructed at 12340 Main Street (NYS Route 5) in Akron, New York to house the laboratory and provide additional office space.

The B&A lab is equipped to run the applicable tests required to characterize your building materials. Subsurface and stockpile samples, and concrete and masonry specimens are tested in our lab.