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Subsurface Investigation

Most municipalities require mapping and testing of the soil and rock layers beneath your proposed structure – building on poor materials or near a shallow water table are recipes for disaster.

B&A is equiped to send our team out to your site to investigate, sample, and classify. By having accurate knowledge, of your subsurface conditions, designers can better prepare for future loading condintions.

“When you need your consultant ON-TIME and ON-SITE – We’re There”


Before drilling any holes, uncertainty must be minimized by:

  • researching historical documentation, and
  • contacting Dig Safely New York, Inc. (“UFPO”) to determine burried utilities

Once the site has been deliniated, a B&A technician will visit your site to determine the borehole locations. Depending on the project and/or jurisdiction, the number and/or locations of boreholes may be predetermined. 

Drilling and Sampling

Our drillers and technicians will arrive at your site, drill, sample, and report on the subsurface conditions encountered.

Typical standards, tests and/or methods:

  • D1586 – Standard Test Method for Standard Penetration Test (SPT) and Split-Barrel Sampling of Soils
  • D1587 – Standard Practice for Thin-Walled Tube Sampling of Fine-Grained Soils for Geotechnical Purposes
  • D2113 – Standard Practice for Rock Core Drilling and Sampling of Rock for Site Exploration

Classification and Testing

Durring drilling, samples are extracted, jarred, and sent to our lab for testing and classification.

Typical standards, tests and/or methods: 

  • D2488 – Standard Practice for Description and Identification of Soils (Visual-Manual Procedures)
  • D2216 – Standard Test Methods for Laboratory Determination of Water (Moisture) Content of Soil and Rock by Mass
  • D854 – Standard Test Methods for Specific Gravity of Soil Solids by Water Pycnometer
  • D4318 – Standard Test Methods for Liquid Limit, Plastic Limit, and Plasticity Index of Soils
  • D7928 – Standard Test Method for Particle-Size Distribution (Gradation) of Fine-Grained Soils Using the Sedimentation (Hydrometer) Analysis
  • C136 – Standard Test Method for Sieve Analysis of Fine and Coarse Aggregates

Geotechnical Reports

Once your data has been acquired, B&A will prepare a geotechnical report. Depending on project requirements the report may include the following subsections:

  • Investigation/lab results
  • Diagrams of strata
  • Design recomendations
  • Approval/stamp of NYS-licensed professional engineer